Amazing Kitchari 
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The Amazing Healing and Detoxifying Kitchari for
Weight Loss, Detox and Rejuvenation!

Shasta Tierra L.Ac. is a primary healthcare provider, licensed acupuncturist and creator of and The Natural Health Makeover™: 4 Weeks to Looking and Feeling Fabulous, Naturally program. Over the past 22 years, she has coached over 35,000 people on how to better their health, reach their nutrition goals, and lose weight by using natural techniques. On average, students who participate in her programs lose a minimum of 10 pounds, decrease pain, sleep and eat better, and increase their productivity…all in 6 weeks or less.

Please go to: to view various success stories and testimonials of happy clients who have transformed their health while being in Shasta’s programs.

Shasta is also a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, specializing in women’s health , endocrinology, fertility, weight loss and pain management. She runs a 6-figure holistic practice named Way of Wellness in San Jose, CA.

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