Amazing Kitchari 
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The Kitchari Cleanses

 We offer 3 different programs to accommodate everyone's needs and level of interest.

What are the Kitchari cleanses?
Kitchari is a medicinal porridge from India that is considered the most powerful omni food (all inclusive) meal one can eat. It is used to help heal people back to health and also used for optimum health - the yogi's in India consider it the perfect food and feel it helps them on their path towards enlightenment. It contains beans, whole grains and special spices that stimulates "Agni" - which means digestive in Ayurveda and "digestive fire" in Chinese medicine. The most amazing thing about Kitchari is that it is a tonifying cleanse.

In other words as your body is detoxifying it is getting stronger, where as most cleanses leave one feeling more week, tired, cold, and having their metabolism slow down participants on the kitchari cleanse report feeling warmer, more energized, calmer, sleeping better, sweet craving decreased to eliminated and able to actually eat more food without gaining weight as this cleanse tones up the "digestive fire" - metabolism.

The kitchari cleanse & natural health makeover is a 6 week program that will take you through all the steps in the 6 week kitchari cleanse in addition to introducing you to many natural self care modalities such as meditation, yoga, acupressure and more in a week by week guided format for optimum wellness.

After reviewing the five element questionnaire and the Health Goals Questionnaire, we will come up with a customized Kitchari cleanse nutritional program which will draw on the ancient wisdom of both Ayurveda and Chinese medicine customized just for you.

Here are the Kitchari Cleanses programs

           1 Week Seasonal Kitchari Cleanse --> $99
           3 Week for Health and Healing Kitchari Cleanse --> $249

These cleanses may include herbs, oils, teas, acupressure, qi yoga (depending on program you purchase) and three meals of organic Kitchari customized for you and your body type.

Once we receive your questionnaires and inform consent, We will advise you of the plan we think would help you attain yours health goals.

Kitchari is amazing and has helped us and many all over the world. To find out if it will work for you, try it...